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French Connect was created by experienced native language tutors who wanted to provide the ideal programme for children to learn French.


A fun introduction to learning French for children of all ages!

French Connect offers fun French lessons in Brighton to: images-9

  •   Children aged 2-3 and in nurseries
  •   Children aged 3-5 preschool
  •   Primary School children aged 6-11
  •   After School lessons for  3-5 – 6-8-  9-11
  •   Private lessons children aged 12-16



Why Should Kids Learn a Foreign Language?

Children’s language programmes are experiencing a considerable growth in popularity as parents have become more aware that teaching [wallcoo.com]_school_life_10a second language to their kids helps enhance their cognitive development, resulting in better exam results later in life. Parents see the benefits of increasing their children’s cultural awareness to give them a better chance to succeed in our multi-cultural society.

French Connect offers a unique, carefully structured and proven language course for toddlers aged 2 to 3 years old,  preschool language for children aged 3 to 5 years old and elementary language for children aged 5 to 11 years old to help them excel in French. It is a proven method with a solid underlying structure that enables children to make fast progress each year.



French Connect gives children the opportunity: images-18

  • To learn French at an age when they are most receptive and uninhibited.
  • To learn in small classes with children of their own age-group
  • To achieve a high standard through activities that are interesting, rewarding and fun.
  • To progress through the programme Language Learner, quality activity books and CDs.


Why French Connect

  • Small classes tailored by age
  • Fun, educational activities
  • High quality activity books and CDs for every child
  • Structured and progressive programme
  • Teaching materials include; detailed teacher’s notes, lesson plans, songs, stories, flash cards.

Kids can develop language skills extremely rapidly as they easily absorb whatever they hear. They can understand new words in a different language at an incredibly fast rate. Children can acquire a second language more easily if they are taught at an early age.

Children learn a lot better when they are having fun. Learning a new language can be overwhelming, but if you incorporate fun activities into what they are learning, your kids won’t even notice that they are acquiring a second language!